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Asphalt roofing

Asphalt roofing is one of the most common types of roofing materials used in residential and commercial construction. It is made from a combination of asphalt, fiberglass, and other materials, and is available in a range of colors and styles. Asphalt roofing is relatively affordable compared to other roofing options, and is easy to install, repair, and replace. It is also durable and can withstand a range of weather conditions, from high winds and heavy rain to extreme heat and cold.

Metal roofing

Metal roofing is a type of roofing material made from various types of metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its durability, energy efficiency, and versatility. Metal roofs can last up to 50 years or more, providing a long-lasting and low-maintenance roofing option. They are also highly resistant to fire, wind, and water, making them ideal for areas prone to extreme weather conditions.

Commercial roofing

Commercial roofing materials come in many forms depending on the structure of the building and the pitch of the roof. Pitched roofs of course may still contain asphalt shingles or metal panels. Flat commercial roofing systems are typically made up of TPO, EPDM, Modified bitumen, built up roofing system, ballast systems and more.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are an excellent investment in your home. Vinyl windows combine the best of all worlds in terms of aesthetics, sturdy construction, fairly low-affordable costs, low maintenance and more savings on energy bills than other window types. Most vinyl windows come with a low E4 glass option for energy conservation purposes and can be offered with both double pane and triple pane options as well.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is a popular exterior cladding material for homes and other buildings. It is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a synthetic plastic material that is lightweight, durable, and resistant to rot, corrosion, and pests. Vinyl siding is available in a wide range of colors, textures, and profiles, and can be made to resemble other materials such as wood, stone, or brick. It is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and is relatively affordable compared to other siding materials. Vinyl siding is also energy-efficient, as it can help reduce heating and cooling costs by improving insulation and preventing air leakage.

Gutters and gutter guards

Gutter systems play an essential role of water control on your home. The gutter system is responsible for collecting water coming off of the roof and ensuring the water is dispersed away from the home, protecting its foundation. But what if your gutter system becomes clogged? We also offer an exclusive gutter protection system that allows water to flow freely into your gutter, while keeping out unwanted leaves and other debris.

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Who is Freedom Roofing: 
Freedom Roofing has established itself as a reliable and trusted provider of high-quality roofing and exterior products at affordable rates. As a family-owned and operated business, we value the importance of transparency and honesty with each customer. Our expertise covers both residential and commercial roofing replacement and repair services, and no job is too big or small for us. One distinguishing feature of our service is that the owner will be present throughout the entire process, from start to finish. This hands-on approach ensures that our customers receive personalized attention and guarantees that the job is completed to the highest standards.

Our story:
Having over 13 years of experience in the roofing industry, Norm Cooper, the CEO and founder of Freedom Roofing, has amassed extensive experience working with various general contractors throughout his career. However, he realized the need to bring honesty and exceptional workmanship back to the construction industry. He recognized the opportunity to offer a fresh perspective to homeowners who had lost faith in contractors. As such, he established Freedom Roofing with the guiding principle of prioritizing customer satisfaction, with unmatched communication, high-quality materials and workmanship, and a pricing structure tailored to each customer's budget. This philosophy is at the core of the Freedom Roofing ethos, which Norm Cooper continues to uphold to this day.

Step 1

Request a quote

If you are in need of a new roof or repair, please contact us via email or by phone to set up your initial consultation!

Step 2


Freedom will identify any current issues with your roofing system and help guide you towards the appropriate repair for your roof. During our inspection, you can expect: 1. Interior (attic) and exterior inspection 2. Drone inspection 3. Inspection report custom to YOUR home 4. Photos and documentation

Step 3

Review estimate for your home

Once we have properly diagnosed your roofing system and its needs, we will put together an estimate that best fits your situation and budget. We will present all possible solutions for you including color and design options.

Step 4

Schedule job

Once you approve the final agreement, we will instantly build a material list and place your project on the calendar for install. A window of install dates will be given to you for proper planning.

Step 5

The day of installation

You will always be notified prior to the installation so you can properly park cars, plan for work etc. The dumpster and material will arrive first thing and our crews will begin the project. Once properly completed, the owner will do a thorough walk-through with you, ensuring your property is clean and you are 100% satisfied.

Step 6


The dumpster will be picked up after the install. Once the completion form is authorized, a final invoice will be sent over as well as a link for an honest review of how we did from the start to finish process!


How much does a roof cost?

Roofing estimates will generally vary based on the size of the project, products being used, the company's overhead and more. Most asphalt roofing systems in the western NY region will range from $450-700 per square (10x10 section). Metal roofing systems will generally run anywhere between $1,000-2,000 per square and most commercial flat roofs vary based on many factors with the job. Freedom Roofing provides various different options for your home and will help you decide which product best fits your budget and needs!

Does your company work with insurance claims?

Absolutely! The owner of Freedom Roofing has been helping home owners with their insurance claims since 2015. This is one of our specialties as a company. Please let us know if you have an open claim or any recent wind damage to your roof and we will help you navigate through the insurance process. 

Is Freedom Roofing fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and certified to work on your home with many different roofing material products as well as ventilation products.

How do I know when I need a new roof?

Great question! Everyone is different of course in how they handle their roofing project. Some home owners may want to jump ahead of the curb and replace their roof prior to any major issues. Some notable signs that your roof is failing are missing shingles, moss/algae growth, streaking/fading, buckling or curling of the shingles and of course any active leaks in the home. If you are still unsure, please contact us today for a free roof inspection by one of our roofing experts!
Please fill in your information below to send in your request for an estimate or inspection. For a faster response, you can call or text us at (585)-301-1093. Thank you so much for visiting our page, we can't wait to help give your home the freedom it deserves!

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